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Want your brand to perform twice (X2) as successful?

Get experts who have really run their own businesses in ecommerce, distribution & retail, web & digital services, marketing & sales.

That is Hive365. Delivering X2 brand performance for 20+ years.

Why Hive365?

We help you move, improve and sell more in Shopify.

Been helping brands to navigate digital to get better sales & marketing results online for over 20 years.

We were there when the PC was born, when mobile apps emerged, when ecommerce went mainstream, when social digital marketing became essential. And now as AI evolves we are early to using it as an essential business tool.

Large or small, new and old, early movers or self-confessed luddites - we have worked with them all. Our mantra is keep it simple, affordable and get the job done. No bother.

Ready to move, improve and sell more in Shopify?

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How we work best for you

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Highly task-oriented

Makes a real difference for our clients, optimising the resources, time and budget used in each project.

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Idea & solution-driven

This is in our DNA, part of our workflow. Adding that crucial creative spark, tuned exactly for results in the job at hand.

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Add commercial value

Working closely & patiently in client partnerships; campaigns get clearly roadmapped with deliverable goals and KPIs.

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